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Ruminant milk intolerance

Ruminant milk intolerance

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Patricia h.

My daughter has been allergic to cow's milk protein since birth.

She only drank small amounts and did not gain the weight necessary for normal growth, and the medical profession was concerned about a nasogastric tube if the weight loss continued. < / p>

After trying several infant milks without cow's milk protein, I discovered mare's milk.

Before embarking on yet another milk test, I wanted to learn as much as possible about the good or not made of this milk, little known to the general public.

My child has never gained significant weight with the medical milk, so I offered him small amounts of fresh mare's milk to start, found in organic stores at the time.

The reflux, gag reflexes, crying decreased sharply with each increasing quantity of milk.

The first month, she only drank 120ml bottles and switching to mare's milk she drank 210ml!

A big weight gain the 1 st month and gradually it stabilized on its own.

Once the milk was installed in her daily diet, I was able to stop the Inexium and Gaviscon with the doctor's consent.

She was able to find an almost normal transit.

She could calm down because the pains caused by the allergy were able to subside.

Today, see you almost 4 years old, she still drinks 210ml of milk per day and her growth is ongoing.

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