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sleep (food supplement)

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sleep (food supplement)

Organic food supplements for sleep combining horse milk horse horse (25%) and plants recognized.

Range developed with a specialized French laboratory for 30 years in organic food supplements.


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Ingredients - composition for 6 capsules:

  • Hawthorn (flowering top) - 540mg,
  • Escholtzia (plant) - 540 mg,
  • Passionflower (plant) 540 mg,
  • Valerian (root) - 540 mg
  • Mare's milk - 600mg

Origin of plants:

Hawthorn is a bushy shrub native to Europe and Asia. It is now widespread in all temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. It is found especially on the edge of woods.
Escholtzia is a plant of the poppy family native to California. Introduced in Europe in the 19th century, it is mainly used as an ornamental plant. It is now well acclimatized to the region of southern France (Camargue) where it colors the fields with its yellow-orange flowers.
Passionflower is a climbing plant native to hot regions of America. Native Americans used it a lot for cooking and treating certain ailments. It is now used in some medicines.
Valerian grows in humid places in temperate Europe and the United States. Its root gives off a peculiar smell that attracts cats, which has earned it the nickname "catnip".


  • This product is intended for people prone to stress and anxiety.
  • Hawthorn is renowned for its sedative action on the central nervous system and is of interest whenever seeking a tranquilizing effect.
  • A close relative of the sleeping poppy, escholtzia acts quite differently on the central nervous system because it is not a narcotic. Instead of disturbing the subject's behavior, it normalizes their psychological functions.
  • Commission E and ESCOP recognize the use of valerian to treat nervous restlessness and anxiety, as well as related sleep disturbances.
  • Commission E and ESCOP recognize the use of passionflower to relieve nervousness, restlessness and irritability. One study compared the effects of passionflower to those of a conventional anxiolytic. Both treatments were equally effective, but patients taking passionflower were able to continue their activity more easily.

Directions for use:
4 to 6 pills per day, to be taken with a meal.

Box of 90 pills (500mg)

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