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Uriel was born in August 2004, 15 months after his brother Ulysses. He was wise and of more reasonable height than his older brother. I had explained to her from her birth that her daddy and I were facing a big life project very busy but I promised her that all the moments between us would be beautiful, true, intense and of the finest quality . I felt as I told him this that he agreed and that I had given birth to a little man of great wisdom

As I already had almost 20 horses under my care and his brother who was not yet walking, my days were busy. At the time my husband, an executive in business, was gone 4 days a week, I tried to alternate a feed and a bottle mare's milk as soon as I come home from maternity . Uriel has always accepted this diet and has grown up harmoniously being a happy and always content baby

I breastfed her like that until she was 5 months old. He was then fed exclusively on mare's milk until he was 2 years old and now still at 14 years old he only drinks this milk there because, like me, he is very intolerant to other milks

It seems important to me to share here my experience as a mother who gave mare's milk to my children 15 years ago. Today, they are teenagers, they are 15 and 14 years old, measure 1.80m and 1.65m respectively, are children very open to others, confident in their life ( serotonin in mare's milk ). They have strong characters but know how to express themselves without violence. They have very beautiful horses, few pimples, beautiful teeth and do not suffer from any physical weakness or health problems

We can certainly not attribute the good health of my children to the only fact that they were raised on mare's milk but we can not in any case blame this milk for having instilled in them the slightest deficiency

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