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Nélio, baby raised on Chevalait mare's milk

Nélio, baby raised on Chevalait mare's milk

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Frustrated of not being able to feed my son naturally , and not wanting to give industrial products to this wonder , I remembered that a friend of my mother-in-law had alternately breastfed her daughter with mare's milk.
Our choice was clear .
So, my husband and I did some research on the internet to find a farm that could provide us with ORGANIC mare's milk.
We came across a video of the family business Chevalait < / strong>, the words of Madame Decayeux (Founder of the company) were filled with love for her horses .
My husband then ordered the milk from

Nélio immediately accepted this milk, which reassured us.
Today Nélio is almost 6 months old and we have not yet started food diversification .
From his 1 month to now, he feeds exclusively on mare's milk < strong> organic Chevalait (powder).
Her growth chart is excellent, as is her weight. She is a very calm, wide-awake baby overflowing with love.
This mare's milk is for us the best

alternative to women who cannot or will not breastfeed.
From experience, this milk is exceptionally rich in antibodies because Nélio cures very quickly of a cold (luckily or thanks to mare's milk).
To this day, Nélio is still in good health and has only known the inconvenience of colds and teething (2 beautiful little teeth have arrived).

It was very reassuring for us to know that our son could be fed without pesticides , palm oil and many additives ... present in other milks (even organic).
We are happy to have listened to each other, because many will tell you that this milk is not "standardized" even from health workers, only listen to your heart in all that you will have to make as decisions for your child.

We thank the Chevalait farm, his team and of course his horses for growing our son and building him a solid base for his whole life.

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