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extreme psoriasis

extreme psoriasis

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Extreme psoriasis

A few years ago, a couple arrived at our house from La Manche. The gentleman was very tense and the lady seemed at the end of the line. They explain to me that our mare's milk is their last hope of recovery ...

The gentleman suffered from psoriasis starting at the back of his neck and reaching his ankles. He had suffered martyrdom for over 25 years and no treatment had been able to relieve him. As a last resort he had been recommended chemotherapy or… mare's milk. Their choice was made and their hopes were high

He could no longer drive because the contact with the back of the seat was unbearable, the shower was a nightmare. She was on the verge of tears and said that we were her last hope to return to a normal life with her husband

So they bought a dozen bottles thinking they had enough for 2 weeks but the following week they came back because the gentleman was drinking more than one bottle a day. His psoriasis had already subsided and they both smiled again. They also used mare's milk cosmetics as a supplement and it relieved him

Two weeks later, they came back and there… nothing, just the skin still pink from the scars of the healed psoriasis !!!

It was amazing, no one could believe it, neither them nor us and we were all so happy. He continued the treatment for two more months to make sure that his psoriasis would not come back.

We saw them again 1 year later. Everything was fine, he was in great shape and his skin flawless. They were both smiling and very grateful.

This gentleman is still in good health years later and has been living a perfectly normal life since his horse milk treatment Chevalait. He will run as mayor of his village in La Manche in 2020

This is also mare's milk

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