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a desperate mom

a desperate mom

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Last week, a mother arrived at the farm, she came from Brittany and had therefore traveled more than 2 hours to find a solution for her baby.

Indeed, her little one suffered from a very important GERD (gastroesophageal regurgitation) with burns of the esophagus and stomach, poor digestion, constipation and the onset of skin problems such as eczema.

this poor child was living on antacids and other drugs for constipation etc. The mother was desperate and disgusted not to have found another solution until then to allow her child to grow up harmoniously and in good health.

a baby is like a rocket, take off must be as straight as possible to ensure the best possible health afterwards ... it was off to a bad start ...

The lady's grandmother had told her that in the past, when a baby could not stand ruminant milk, he was given mare's milk ... So she decided to travel to Chevalait's for looking for organic mare's milk

So she picked up a few bottles of pasteurized mare's milk to give it a try. 3 days later, no more GERD, no more constipation, no more eczema. a smiling baby and reassured parents

that's mare's milk. 4000 years that humans drink it and say thank you!

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